LG has been a leader in innovation for more than 70 years, and as our world changes, LG continues to create products and services that have a positive impact.

The inaugural LG NOVA Proto Challenge turns its innovation focus toward the global startup community, entrepreneurs, developers, and big thinkers who can help conceptualize new business models and approaches to create a more seamless and accessible experience of daily life in an interconnected future society.

With a vision to improve quality of life by helping businesses that impact the future to achieve instrumental success, LG creates social impact and builds diverse partnerships to make it possible.

We’re looking for innovative approaches and technologies that could launch entirely new business initiatives within LG.

Whether you’re enabling new services in-the-home that make life better, a new way to make EV charging widely available to create a more sustainable world, or something else entirely, we encourage you to apply!

Pitch winners will each receive:

  • $10,000 US in prize money,
  • Up to $100,000 US for joint development activities,
  • An invitation to join the upcoming LG grand challenge program in the fall,
  • An invitation to participate in the launch event related to the grand challenge program,
  • The opportunity to feature their marketing video on an LG website, and
  • Ongoing mentorship with the LG NOVA incubator team.