A team of judges from LG, including individuals from the business incubation team and the LG NOVA team, will review all eligible responses to the LG NOVA Proto Challenge. 

Responses will be scored according to:

  • Alignment with the concept of improved access, mobility, usability or connections: 25 points
  • Potential for future work or partnership with LG: 25 points
  • Engaging description of proposed solution: 20 points
  • Convincing pathway to commercialization: 20 points
  • Uniqueness of proposed solution: 10 points

For respondents that advance to the pitch event, a broad array of representatives from LG, including members from the business incubation team, the strategic development team, the innovation team and senior management, will view and score presentations. 

Pitches will be scored against:

  • Alignment with home/work/life and the concept of improved access, mobility, usability, or connections: 15 points
  • Clear vision to growing a business with LG: 15 points
  • Clear understanding and communication of target market, product/market fit, pathway to commercialization: 10 points
  • Overall delivery of presentation: 10 points