Areas of interest to LG fall into three categories:


Within those broad spaces, a variety of technologies or approaches that can provide users with greater access to services, capabilities and connections that improve daily life are welcome, especially those that deliver important societal benefits or which impact underserved communities. In the table below, you’ll find just a few ideas:


  • Smart product & services for the home
  • The extension of home applications beyond the home 
  • Education
  • Health and wellness
  • Home fitness
  • Next-level digital environments and entertainment technologies
  • Sustainable solutions


  • EV infrastructure
  • Enhancing the home office 
  • Office building efficiency
  • Alternatives or improvements to work devices 
  • Transportation 
  • Sustainable solutions 


  • Connected healthcare
  • Innovations that improve access to real and virtual spaces
  • EV charging / powering 
  • Solutions that leverage telecommunications infrastructure and connectivity
  • Eldercare
  • Sustainable solutions

The proposed solution should establish, improve, or increase access, mobility, usability, or connections, either between:

  • A user and their device OR
  • A user and a service OR
  • A user and their environment OR
  • Multiple users

LG is committed to improving quality of life for everyone including, but not limited to:

  • Individuals or communities in rural, suburban and urban spaces OR
  • Individuals or communities with mental or physical limitations OR
  • Individuals or communities with language barriers


In order to participate in the LG NOVA Proto Challenge, interested respondents must submit a response via the online response form prior to the submission deadline of July 21, 2021 by 11:59 pm PT. Responses must include only non-confidential and non-proprietary content

The online form allows you to share compelling, engaging information about your solution or proposed approach and how it furthers the goal of creating better quality of life in an interconnected future society.

All eligible submissions will be evaluated by the criteria provided here. 

To learn more, refer to our webinar or contact us.


LG NOVA will invite up to fifteen (15) highly rated respondents to participate in the upcoming LG NOVA Proto Challenge pitch session on August 17, 2021. At the pitch sessions, respondents will share their solution with a diverse group of LG representatives, including LG corporate executives and members of the Chief Strategy Officer’s team.  

Winners (up to 10) of the pitch sessions will be invited to claim Finalist status in LG NOVA’s upcoming grand challenge program that may lead to additional awards or opportunities, such as the selection to demonstrate and gain on-stage exposure for their solution during the fall grand challenge launch event.

Winners will also receive:

  • $10,000 US in prize money,
  • Up to $100,000 US for joint development activities,
  • The opportunity to feature their marketing video on an LG website, and
  • Ongoing mentorship with the LG NOVA incubator team. 

Additionally, winners may receive invitations to meet with representatives from a relevant business unit within LG, members of LG’s internal Corporate Venture Capital team, or external venture capital groups.


July 1, 2021: LG NOVA Proto Challenge opens to submissions at 7 AM PT

July 6, 2021: Informational webinar about the Challenge at 10 AM PT

July 21, 2021: Challenge closes to new submissions at 11:59 PM PT

August 4-6, 2021: Notify respondents

August 17, 2021: Finalist pitches 

Late August, 2021: Announce winners