LG Electronics, well known for its many industry leading brands and products across a myriad of spaces and for a diverse range of end-users, is deeply committed to innovation and improving quality of life. We work to improve the experiences of our customers, envision new ways to operate our business units, and always consider how our operations impact the larger global community, like our 2019 pledge to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2030.

Beyond our commitment to innovation and improving quality of life, LG is also cognizant of the positive impact our products can have for different communities around the world and here at home.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our future work provides a positive social impact, as wide and diverse as possible.

LG NOVA, a dedicated center for innovation based in Silicon Valley, launched a new initiative to find  innovative, future-impacting companies to build, nurture, and help grow.

LG NOVA plans to launch a grand challenge program this fall to attract and engage with startups, businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers as a part of this initiative to catalyze innovations for a better life.  

The LG NOVA Proto Challenge is the first opportunity to join the LG NOVA grand challenge program.  The winners of this LG NOVA Proto Challenge will be automatically invited to join the selected companies in the grand challenge program.